Mug Club 2022

What is mug club?

Mug club is basically a yearly subscription to my pottery! Members receive 4 mugs, spaced throughout the year. Each mug is a surprise, so by the end of the year you’ve got 4 surprise mugs! Mug club allows me to have time to create exciting new pieces and test out new designs in small batches. Some mug club pieces may be similar to past work, some may be entirely new. I really want to use this as a way to play and share new personal work with you guys!

How do I join?

Spots for mug club for the following year will open up in November or December of the year prior. Space is limited. I only open a couple spots as the purpose is for me to have fun and play with the small surprise batch I create. Mug club 2022 will be $200 per member for the year and that includes the shipping of your mugs as well. This pricing is determined by an average cost of $50 for each mug with free shipping. Most mugs I illustrate range around 70$ with 12$ shipping per mug so you are saving 32$ per mug and get a surprise design!

Mug Club is currently sold out for this year