How long until my items ship?

I ship items within 7 days of when the order is placed. Sometimes due to unexpected circumstances it may take longer for me to ship your item, if this happens I will be sure to pop you an email explaining why. When your item is shipped you will receive an email confirming shipment.

How do I clean my pipe?

The best way to clean your new friend is too soak the pipe in a ziplock bag filled with rubbing alcohol and a teaspoon of salt. Let your pipe sit in the bag for a couple hours and then give it a good wash and rinse. Once rinsed you are good to go :)

What happens if something arrives broken?

This rarely happens but if your item arrives broken in the mail then I will automatically issue you a refund for the piece and shipping costs

Do I pay more for shipping if I make a bunch of separate order?

No! If you are making a bunch of separate orders I will automatically refund you your shipping difference. You will only be paying a set rate for the whole order.

If I am ordering internationally will I get duty fees?

Maybe! It really depends on your country how much it will be but as a small business I am not responsible for any extra fees you may have to pay when an item crosses your border. I have a flat rate I charge on shipping for all my items.

Any Questions? Send me an email!